REVIEW: @Pizza

For those who are always on the lookout for a new pizza fix, maybe you have your favourites set in stone, La Fav maybe, or Origano, Civerino’s. Well now there’s a new player in town and they are attempting to make a mark with their own unique M.O. that focusses on a simple template and a speedy turnaround.

@Pizza is tucked away down Charlotte Lane, next door to Foundry 39, and has set up a lovely, modern space with decent seating, live music area and a nice, clean serving conveyor belt counter to put their model into action. Once you have gone through the process of choosing your base, sauce, cheese, protein, veg and toppers, pizzas are typically ready and paid for in 90 seconds, one size fits all, one price fits all. It’s a good system.

The aforementioned one size is a hunger-addressing foot and a half long pizza, either customised to your own taste or via one of their own signature styles. The base is thin and crispy, the toppings generous, the service with a smile. The aforementioned price is a tenner. £9.50 to be exact. Even if you don’t like it, the hit was minimal.

The pizzas themselves are tasty. Not all toppings are the very best when compared to the usual city stalwarts but they’re new, they’re learning and it feels like they’ll get there.

With an array of craft beers to service your thirst and a rotating set of themed live music events, @Pizza are really catering to all aspects of the standard Edinburgh hipster, but they’re doing so with the masses in mind, with their finger on the pulse – in this day and age everything is faster. The speed of their pizzas will take some beating.


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