EdinBurger Quest: Foundry 39

Still in its fledgling year, Foundry 39 can still be considered a relative newcomer to the West End, but has done well to make its mark amongst stalwart neighbours like Indigo Yard and Sygn. Combining one part bar to two parts diner, the menu is dominated by pizzas and… you guessed it. The perfect provender for the Friday after work crowd.

You can’t say they haven’t done their homework.

We headed along last Friday – I had the Black & Gold.


The Black & Gold is a 6oz dry aged beef patty topped with black pudding, double cheese and American mustard mayo. That combination alone promises a phenomenal taste sensation but Foundry 39 make sure that the ingredients are cooked to precision and marry up like it was meant to be. The black pudding is soft and earthy, the double cheese is always welcome at my house and the burger is seasoned perfectly.

Surprisingly it’s the American mustard mayo that really ties it all together with a lovely moreish tang that has you wishing you bought two!



It seems quite obvious that Foundry 39 are trying to keep the burger as pink as laws will allow, despite last year’s legislation. My patty was – to my preference – the lighter side of medium, with little glimmers of rareness winking at me from beneath the browned surface. It also benefitted from the added moisture of the black pudding stacked upon it like a lover in a hotel bed. The result a decadent, juicy bite that left nothing in the way of mess.



Like baby bear’s bed, it was just right. A lovely, puffy patty resting beneath an inch-perfect partner of black pudding, all encapsulated within a gorgeous sesame seed-topped bun meant bites were easy to come by. Another full mark.



Foundry 39 offer six flagship burgers and diversity is the key. The basics are covered by the aptly-named ‘Cheese’, while chicken and veggie options are covered by the creative ‘Buffalo Blue Cheese & Chicken’ and the ‘Mushroom & Sticky Red Onion’ respectively. For the meat lovers out there we have the ‘Black & Gold’ and the ‘Maple-Glazed Bacon’ suggesting all sorts of wonderful flavours. The ‘Reuben’ rounds off a well-balanced assortment and I know from previous visits that the kitchen are more than happy to add or subtract at your preference, regardless of whether the extras are on the menu. Stellar work.



Very hard to go wrong with skinny fries so there’s not much to report here. Portion size was spot on and I ordered a side of blue cheese mayo (usually reserved for the Fried Pickles starter), which is chunky and fantastic, so extra marks for that.



The Black & Gold came in at £9.95 before fries were added. I am not a fan of a burger bar that strips the cost of fries from the burger. I get that now everyone perhaps wants the addition but they can always leave them… this just smacks of a means of tagging on an extra couple of quid. Foundry 39 is far from the only sinner in this respect and it seems to be a growing trend amongst the industry so they’ll all receive the same treatment from me in this respect. That said, the meal was very reasonable.



A dark horse and early front runner for Best in the Burgh, Foundry 39 is as low key as they come, but many would do well to check them out pronto. Friday nights are steadily starting to bustle here and it’s not for the live music!

I’m sure there will be some contenders that may put it in its place soon enough but for now, if you’re after a livelier atmosphere and a worthy drinks selection to accompany your burger, Foundry 39’s the place.


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