EdinBurger Quest: Contini Cannonball

An unconventional starting point for EdinBurger Quest, but the idea is that everyone will get their turn at some point, so why not Contini Cannonball, eh? Located mere inches from Edinburgh Castle, Cannonball is situated at the almost-apex of the Royal Mile, across the road from Timberbush Tours and a couple doors up from the Witchery.

The missus stumbled upon a cheeky voucher for two courses here. It was limited, which made the burger a pretty straightforward choice (pork belly and fish and chips were the other mains on offer – the missus chose the belly, so…). So away we went. Here’s the breakdown;


Given the local prestige the Contini brand has earned, the quality of their produce goes without question. Cannonball uses the finest Scotch beef steak mince in their patties and it shows, delivering a meaty bite with the sweet tang of onion throughout.

Where they drop the ball, however, is in the seasoning. Too stringent for my taste, which leaves the burger lacking the most basic of elevation.



Definitely the high point. Whether it was accidental or intentional, my burger was delivered a lovely, succulent pink. Of course this is now not permitted in Scotland (booooo!), so we’ll put this down to the former, however accident or no accident, this would be my preference and this was what I got and, by God, it was good to have a pink burger for the first time in far too long.



A disappointingly modest pattie was made all the more inferior by an overlarge bun. In order to get to that gorgeous pinkness meant a slog through a barrage of bread… in short it was too much work, too much dryness over the succulence of the burger and ultimately I gave up.



In short, there is none. Cannonball offers their House Burger only, which comes topped with pickles, smoked cheddar and bacon. It is solely available on their Lunch Menu.



Good. Well-cooked, fluffy on the inside and a mix of crispy and soggy (both of which I love in equal measure) on the outside. A decently-sized portion also impressed.



Although the cost covered fries, at £14.95 I would expect a larger piece of meat that filled out the exponential bun. Otherwise you’re paying a fair whack of cash for a large granary roll, some pickles, tomato and a slice of cheese.



No one wants to go first, but Contini Cannonball drew the first straw and the rest of the pack are feeling a bit more reassured. For a burger, I would say there are better options around Edinburgh, and plenty of them, but that should not dissuade anyone from heading along here for something else off their lovely dinner menu.


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