EdinBurger Quest Begins

Edinburgh hates a burger, eh? These days you can’t go three streets without one crossing your path, whether it’s a chain, an independent or a pop up, a gourmet or a greasy spoon, an auld stalwart or a fresh prospect on the scene, seems everyone’s getting in on the patty action.

But with so many options, where is a non-connoisseur to look? Where should those of little time and/or budget go for a quick, quality fix?

Enter EdinBurger Quest: one man’s mandate to uncover the capitals finest, to slog through the ordinary so you don’t have to, and to chart Edinburgh’s patty and bun topography for fellow culinary explorers everywhere.

30 points are up for grabs, based on the following criteria;

  • Flavour
  • Juiciness
  • Size
  • Variety/Toppings
  • Fries
  • Value for Money


5 points apiece and all key to a complete burger experience. Of particular note, Size will be a tricky one and I will mark vendors down for overly large sandwiches that are too huge to manage comfortably, likewise if they are too stingy with the meat.

Look out for the first of many reviews coming soon.

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