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And Away We Go!!

So this blogging malarkey has fair taken off, eh?

Everywhere you look, someone’s running their opinion on something. Admittedly I thought this would be a flash in the pan fad, but having witnessed first-hand the benefits and rewards, both internal and external, of putting together such a public platform (my lovely wife owns – check it out!) I’ve decided to give it a crack.

So who am I? Well for starters my name’s not ‘Fantana’, although I’ll admit I have been tempted on occasion to go the whole hog and make the change official. To those that know me, I am merely Joe Adams, a humble thirty-something Edinburgh resident with a love for life, my wife, my writing, movies, eating out and all the other interests listed on my about page.

To add a bit of meat to those bones, I’ve loved creative writing since I was in primary school, wearing Raleigh jumpers and Dunlop tracksuit pants and absolutely no product in my Mowgli-esque hair. Whenever the class was set a short story exercise, while all the other kids finished theirs in an afternoon, I had completed the first three chapters; by the end of the week I’d be on chapter ten of my grand space opera with no end in sight. Little did I know that the sheer volume of unfinished stories gracing the pages of my old exercise jotters would set the foundations for decades of procrastination to follow.

At seventeen, I got involved with an organisation called Scottish Kids Are Making Movies (SKAMM), who put local teens through a series of film-making courses. I took a screenwriting course and learned all about screenplay format, active tense, three act structure, the hero’s journey, show don’t tell, and the importance of white space on the page.

After that the next several years were spent battering out screenplays of varying genre, starting predominantly in science fiction and later – as my tastes developed and refined – into crime and drama and thrillers. I’d love to say there were varying degrees of success, but I largely wrote for me and only entertained dreams of realisation. My only flirtation with success came in 2010 when my TV series pilot screenplay, Bazookaville, was optioned by a screenwriting competition, StoryboardTV, based in New York. The following months were extremely exciting, as we searched for a buyer from both the television and comic book arenas, but in the end the option expired, leaving me with nothing but self-assurance and a turbo-charged desire to develop this idea further.

When I get into a flow, writing is a greatly cathartic experience. The past year or so my focus had been on wedding planning as I married the love of my life, Jennie, in July 2016. Prior to that I was working furiously on translating Bazookaville to prose form, and that is what I will be returning to this year.

But as every writer knows, the creative juices aren’t always flowing when you want or need them to, so that is what JoeyFantana is all about; a means of ensuring my wrists don’t get rusty, my mind doesn’t go numb, and a forum upon which I can keep my creative powder dry.

In time I’d like to use this blog to showcase and share some of my creative writing also – do look out for this appearing in the about menu above. I have no single direction I want my blog to go, and in the early days I imagine it will be quite a varied assortment of random articles, as I get all the ideas in my head out of there and onto the screen.

And after a while I hope to push the focus in the direction of my hometown, Edinburgh – with updates and reviews of local goings on, restaurants, bars, pop-ups, entertainment and the like – with the occasional foray into movies, bourbon, holidays, that sort of thing.

Hope you stick with me to see it all take shape.

Cheers for now.

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