Well hello. Welcome and do make yourself at home – I am your host, Joey!


A little about me;


  • Born in London, raised in Edinburgh.
  • Cinefile. My favourite film is Se7en. Because sins.
  • Spent a year in Australia. Loved it.
  • Care a great deal for writing, drawing, music and reading.
  • Bourbon aficionado.
  • Own way too much taxidermy to be deemed healthy.
  • Wrote and directed a short film when I was 17, but no IMDb credit to show for it.
  • Game of Thrones obsessive.
  • Love a list.
  • Believe Greek mythology is the best mythology.
  • Strangely drawn to rusty machinery, desert landscapes and dark alleyways.
  • Arsenal FC fan (for my sins).
  • Oh yeah, and I like to eat stuff.


I intend for this blog to reflect the above in various ways, with an emphasis most likely on Edinburgh and movies. If it seems like I might be veering off track, let me know and I’ll get this monster back on course.


Look forward to hearing from you!